About AES

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Adult Education Solutions, Inc. (AES) is a consulting group focused exclusively on the challenges and opportunities related to the Adult Education Block Grant (AEBG) as enacted by Assembly Bill 104 in 2015.

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AES Founding Principals Alan Helfman and Dr. Santiago Jackson have individually managed adult/workforce-related projects focused on research, operations, finance, legislation, instruction, communications and measurement. This AES partnership leverages our individual experiences with our strategic associates into a powerful collaborative consulting group. We are prepared to guide AEBG consortia in creating, implementing, and modifying plans that are responsive to local community needs while meeting state-level expectations and requirements. We agree that this plan should expand and improve adult educational and workforce opportunities, options, and outcomes within a consortium's region.

Always with a focus on the future, AES is guided by predictive data analytics, outcome-oriented project management, strategic communications and marketing plans.

AES’ aim is to aid consortia in developing clear and effective plans to meet the expectations of the AEBG.

Effective Action Plans

Effective action plans are dependent on actionable data — not any data.

Effective action plans are dependent on developing key performance indicators and tracking those indicators/outcomes in real time

Effective action plans are dependent on targeted, integrated and measurable communications plans

Effective action plans are dependent on understanding how culture and language drive decisions