About AES

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Key Strategic Associates

AES has assembled a team of strategic associates with experience and expertise in collecting data, predictive and actionable analytics, data management, key performance indicators, dashboard technology and multi-cultural communications:


WestEd, a research, development, and service agency, works with education and other communities throughout California and nationwide to promote excellence, achieve equity, and improve learning for children, youth, and adults. Since its inception in 1966, WestEd has been a leader in moving research into practice. wested.org


Led by John Davey, Software Engineer, whose 28 years of experience has focused on public education, particularly Adult, ROP, Workforce and K-12. SchoolGauge uses data to inform decision-making that drives administrative software. The SchoolGauge data management Performance Dashboard is used by districts throughout California, including the Adult Division of the Los Angeles Unified School District. The Dashboard Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) manage student attendance, test scoring and business systems. schoolgauge.com

(formerly Valencia, Perez, Echeveste)

VPE is an internationally renowned multi-cultural Strategic Communications/Marketing firm with 28 years of experience and expertise in both the public and private sectors. Applauded for their creative communications solutions, VPE has combined traditional communications/marketing strategies with contemporary data/digital solutions and has coined the term, “Tradigital” Communications. Some of their recent clients include, BP, California Foundation, LAUSD, KCET, NPR and the Los Angeles Workforce Investment Board. vpe-pr.com

Fagen Friedman and Fulfrost

F3 is a law firm committed to excellent legal counsel for public educatiojn. Serves school districts, community college districts and County Office of Education

Santiago Solutions Group

(Not affiliated with Santiago Jackson) SSG is a leading growth strategy consultancy focused on aligning implementation strategies across Hispanic and generational segments santiagosolutionsgroup.com